$50 Free Tangerine Sign Up Offer – EXTENDED To January 31


Get $50 Free: Tangerine Sign Up Offer EXTENDED to January 31st, 2018!!


$50 Free Tangerine Sign Up Offer
50$ Tangerine Sign Up Offer Extended to January 31st! But the Clock’s Ticking…


In an earlier post, I wrote about a great Tangerine sign up offer.  Originally, that offer was set to expire on October 31st as mentioned in my post.


However, I have good news for everyone, in case you missed out on that FREE MONEY…


For those who aren’t aware, the Tangerine sign up offer for $50 has been extended until January 31st!!!


Giving new clients free money is not something new to Tangerine.  Their standard “Orange Key” offer pays you $25 when you open a new account with them with a valid Orange Key.  However, since at least this past summer, this Tangerine sign up offer has been DOUBLED, so you get an extra $25 on top of the usual, just for opening an account with Tangerine.



How to Claim Your $50 Bonus from Tangerine:



If you haven’t checked out my previous post, here’s how YOU can take advantage of this great offer for FREE MONEY:


  1. Go to Tangerine’s website


2. Once there, proceed to open a new No Fee Daily Chequing Account


3. You’ll need to open the account with a minimum starting balance of $100 (don’t worry, you do not need to spend this money for the promotion to work)


4. During the application process, there will be an option to provide an Orange Key


5. To receive $50 FREE from Tangerine, USE THIS ORANGE KEY ==> 47080128S1


6. Finish the application process, after which you’re pretty much ALL DONE!



After the application is completed, Tangerine will provide you with your Client Number, as well as advise on the various methods for validating your identity to finalize the opening of the account.

Once that’s done (it took shy of a week to finalize when I opened mine), Tangerine will deposit the $50 into your newly-opened account within a few business days.



What to do After Receiving your Bonus:


After receiving your free $50 from the Tangerine sign up offer, you’re free to do as you wish with the money and the account itself.  Already have a preferred chequing account (and let’s hope it’s a no fee one)?  Keep using it if you’d like — Tangerine offers free e-transfers between your external accounts, and you’re under no obligation to hold the money in the Tangerine account after your $50 sign up bonus is deposited.


Of course, I’d personally suggest against closing the account though.  Tangerine is a great no fee banking option!  I’ve really grown to love it after switching from my previous no fee bank, PC Financial (read more about why I decided to make the switch in my past post).  Tangerine also has tons of promotions and bonuses that are constantly being offered to clients.  For example, it was easy to make the decision to switch my payroll deposits when Tangerine offered a $100 bonus to have my payroll deposited in their no fee chequing account.  From time to time they also run promos for setting up automatic savings plans (ASPs) to a savings account too.  I contribute to my TFSA each pay cheque, which I’ve been doing manually for now.  When ASP bonus time rolls around, I’ll maybe automate it 😉


One last thing — interested in opening additional accounts with Tangerine?  They usually offer great promotional interest rates for opening multiple accounts at once.  If you don’t already have a TFSA, you should…so why not open one with Tangerine and earn an exclusive introductory interest rate, tax free?  For more info on TFSAs and how they compare to other account types in Canada, check out my earlier post.




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