Free Money 2017 – Open A Tangerine Account and Get $50 FREE!!


Earn $50 Free Money 2017!  Open a Tangerine Chequing Account Using This Key…


Free Money 2017
Here’s how to get $50 free from Tangerine.


You heard me, alright.  I said FREE money!


In an earlier post about PC Financial’s decision to leave its banking ventures, I mentioned how I opened a Tangerine no-fee bank account.


It hasn’t been long that I’ve been using it for my daily banking, but I’m quickly becoming a big fan.


Tangerine seems to have plenty of promotions, both for new and existing clients.  These change frequently, and the deal itself varies.  For example, just for switching my payroll deposit to my Tangerine account, I get $100.  Boy, do I love free money…


So I wanted to share a little trick with you.  Free money 2017 — how you can get in on the promotion too!


Free money 2017 — open a Tangerine no-fee chequing account up until October 31st 2017, and receive $50 FREE!!  Here’s how:


Go to Tangerine’s website and open a new No Fee Daily Chequing or Savings account


Make an initial deposit of at least $100 while registering the account.




You’ll receive a confirmation of the $50 promotional reward while finalizing the account.


(TIP:  Want even more free money?  Transfer your payroll deposit to your new No Fee Daily Chequing account and Tangerine will give you $100 FREE after 3 months of deposits!)


And that’s it!  You now just earned $50 for free.  Tell your friends, your family, anyone who could use an extra $50!  If there’s money on the table, my friends…




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